Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from Campus Management

“Thanks so much for taking good care of us.” I had a lot of great compliments on the lunches today. They loved the wraps and the salads were fantastic as well. Especially loved the potato salad! Your delivery person was very nice and arrived early, too! Thanks so much for taking good care of us…. 阅读更多»

Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from Piedmont Natural Gas

We certainly value betball贝博足彩! It means a lot to us that you value Piedmont as a customer. We certainly value betball贝博足彩! Your food is wonderful, always on time, and professionally presented. I am proud to serve it. It’s good to have a dependable partner. Piedmont Natural Gas

Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from Duke Energy

The food was AMAZING “We just wrapped up our celebration from this morning and it went very well! 当然, the chef was on-time, the food was AMAZING, people are raving about 服务 and the omelet bar experience…SUCCESS & EXCELLENCE across the board. The station’s superintendent of operations and vice president stopped by and… 阅读更多»

Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from LR

Our guests could not have been happier! “I just want to take a minute to let you know that the last 2 weeks could not have gone more smoothly. From start to finish! Please let all 你的员工 know that the food was very delicious and our guests could not have been happier. 它是…… 阅读更多»

Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from Ashley

Thank you again so much for helping us “Just a quick note to thank you and Bernd for all the planning and execution of today’s event- everything went extremely well and all the guests had a good time and we received a lot of positive feedback on the food, 的装饰, 服务, 你的员工,… 阅读更多»

Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from Campus Crest Group

Everything was FABULOUS!!! “Everything was FABULOUS!!! I cannot thank you enough. The staff were all so very nice, professional, and helpful and the food was incredible!!We will definitely be using you all again in the future. 谢谢,谢谢你!!!!”Campus Crest Group

Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from Rachel

Everything was perfect. “Lunch was fabulous. Feedback from the team was the most positive I have ever received. Everything was perfect. George was by far the best delivery person I have worked with from betball贝博足彩. He took a lot of care to make sure lunch was set up perfectly. Can I request him for… 阅读更多»

Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from Sungard

nothing but compliments (quite a few!) “A big “Thank you!!” to everyone at betball贝博足彩 for coming through for us on such short notice. I was afraid the pasta bar would be “boring” – but I’ve heard nothing but compliments (quite a few!)它. I bent my diet and had a plate. 呣…….. 谢谢…… 阅读更多»

Testimonial for betball贝博足彩 from Cheryl Price

Two words: SIMPLY AMAZING!!! “Two words: SIMPLY AMAZING!!!Our team was very impressed with your professionalism and exceeded my expectations. The server was extremely professional.一百万谢谢!“谢丽尔价格