Perfect method to sell car in UAE

Selling a car, daunting process:

Until you have completely done it, method to sell car or buying a new one here in UAE can been a rather daunting process. On the other hand, in fact, even if you have done it before it the experience actually can’t become any more pleasant. With a rather convoluted system of laws and rules and the occasional guy trying to pull a fast one, we generally spoke to Saygin Yalcin, CEO and founder of who basically gave us the following amazing tips to help make the whole process a little easier on all of us.

Why residents of UAE prefer buying used car?

UAE is transitional for many of us. But to buy a new car is not that everyone can easily afford. Not everyone has so much finances that they can easily go to buy latest car models running in the market. Similarly, on the other hand it is also very important for them to own a car. As, the residents of UAE are seen claiming that public transport is for them and cars are for us. In such situations when you have to reach your offices in time without being late then to buy a used car is one of the best options that you can opt. If you are already owning a car you can simply sell car and replace it with new one.

Platforms exist to sell car:

In this modern world of technology due to advancement in field of business and information technology to sell any kind of product online is not a big deal. You only need to make a site if you want to sell products at your desired price. Similarly, to sell car online is not a rocket science, first you need to make a thorough search about which platforms are available online where you can post the details about your car and the car will be sold within no minutes. If we talk about oldest platform to sell car, then olx was from one of them. We also have many latest online car buying sites SellAnyCar, dubizzle and CarSwitch.If you want to have a look at one of best car buying sites in Dubai, you must browse carzycarcorner and webuycar. Crazycarcorner is best choice where you can sell your used car within no minutes. No worries if you damaged, accidental or scrap cars you can also sell them at crazycarcorner.

How much is worth of my used car?

The first thing to do is to figure out the value of your used car. A quick look at some online classified pages can be a place to start, but the values of used cars tends to range hugely with 20 versions of the same car with costing vastly different prices without enough details describing why. What actually tends to happen is that when someone tries to sell car on classified ads, the look at exactly same car and then add another 2 percent on the cost leaving room for the negotiation. Moreover, even when someone is looking to buy a used car they will filter out everything but the lowest price –making it a complete pointless process.

Finding accurate price:

One way of finding actually more accurate price is to check out certified online companies that basically do price comparisons. In emirates, analyses millions and trillions of price quotes and also previous sales and then provides an instant free car valuation. You can easily use this free evaluation as a basis. It usually saves time to figure out the real market value of your used car.

Process of finding a buyer:

One way to find potential buyers is posting an online add on listing sites for your car. But it will no doubt encourage many calls from random people at even more random times. Most of the people interested in buying car blindly trying to bargain you down before even seeing the car. It can be genuinely a right pain to reorganize all your life and work plans to factor in a viewing or test drive schedule for all the prospective buyers. You surely will be able to find buyers this way, but it can be a long drawn out process. It’s also very essential to remember that in general, a car loses between 2-3 percent of its actual value every month it is unsold. So try to ask around at work, tell your friends, tell all your friends to tell all their friends, or look into selling it to car buying companies like crazycarcorner/.

To sell car through a dealer:

This is also another option but most dealer showrooms only tend to buy those cars that are certified. On the other hand, your used car is only worth their floor space if it is actually not older than 2 years. If you have finally decided to sell car to a dealership, always remember to check their proper and valid trade license.

Suggested above is the perfect method to sell your used car in uae. If you want to get rid of your old car within 30 minutes, just contact crazycarcorner. We are top car buyers in Dubai automotive market. You don’t need to worry; your car will be sold in no minutes.

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